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Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.


Lisa K. Pass, Ph.D.

Welcome to the private practice of Lisa K. Pass, Ph.D. For 30 years, Dr. Pass has been providing diagnostic evaluations for families seeking to determine if a child has a learning disability, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder, or intellectual disability. Her work is highly regarded by both parents and professionals and is often a critical first step in determining how best to help children, adolescents, and young adults achieve their full educational potential, whether it be in preschool, college, or somewhere in between.





Dr. Pass is a New York State Licensed Psychologist and a Certified School Psychologist. She received her PhD in School Psychology from New York University. In addition, she holds a master’s degree in school psychology from NYU and obtained her bachelor’s degree with honors from Clark University. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the International Dyslexia Association.


Dr. Pass has over 30 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults and has worked in a variety of school, mental health, and hospital settings. She has extensive experience in evaluation, parent training, teacher consultation, and child therapy. Dr. Pass was a graduate teaching fellow in the school psychology program at NYU and has supervised doctoral students and post-doctoral students throughout her career. Outside her private practice, Dr. Pass currently conducts testing for the Learning Disability Unit at SUNY Optometry College.


In her private practice, Dr. Pass works with families to help determine their children’s strengths and weaknesses by providing comprehensive and individualized evaluations. These evaluations can determine if a child is struggling with a learning disability, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, or attention deficit disorder. Once the testing and evaluation are complete, Dr. Pass then provides recommendations to families to help them get the educational supports and services their children need.


As both a parent and a professional living in New York City, Dr. Pass has a thorough understanding of the NYC special education system and how it works within both public and private school programs. As a result, she can provide useful recommendations to assist in educational planning in the New York metro area. Over the years, she has developed an extensive referral network of local tutors, therapists, developmental pediatricians, educational advocates, and legal counsel to further assist families.

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