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Dr. Pass cares. There are many capable doctors out there but Dr. Pass cared about my son-she followed up with an added test (without charge) to confirm a hunch she had based on other tests.  She didn't just conduct tests, she tested the child. She gave me new and important insights into my son's learning style and guided me on the next moves. 

Pretty early in working together, I stopped calling her Dr. Pass and just called her Lisa as it was clear we were partners in the pursuit of my son's welfare.

-D.A., parent

I have known Dr. Lisa Pass professionally and personally for 20 years. She is an excellent psychologist who is conscientious, caring, and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a psychoeducational or neuropsychological evaluation. Her reports are thorough, timely, and have helpful information regarding the diagnosis of learning disabilities and specific individualized recommendations regarding what will help each person.

-Tal Reis, Ph.D., Senior Psychologist
Pediatric Psychiatry Department, NYP Hospital Columbia Medical Center

After five years of my son's life, Dr. Pass confirmed what I suspected: My son was autistic. I knew from the moment I met Dr. Pass that he would finally be diagnosed properly, and after so many years of testing him, I finally got the answer I never wanted. He is now getting all the treatment he needs to make sense of humanity. I have no other choice but to beat this and I will in my own way, and so will he. Thank you, Dr. Pass, for holding my son’s hand through the three interviews. As a client, I rate you 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you, Dr. Pass, from him and me.

-G.C., parent

We were fortunate to have found Dr. Pass to evaluate our daughter at age 7 and again at age 13. Both times we received thorough, accurate, and timely reports that helped to ensure that our child received the proper tools in her education and helped us to navigate her learning disability. Dr. Pass is professional, knowledgeable, and caring, and when we were faced with a pressing application timeline, she made sure that we made it in time. 

-L.Z., parent

Dr. Lisa Pass is extremely professional and thorough. She made my son feel at ease so she could get a true idea of his strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, her recommendations were extremely helpful, which allowed him to be successful in his academic pursuits.

-D.H., parent

Dr. Lisa Pass has been a trusted colleague for over 15 years. She is a highly skilled and experienced diagnostician, and she is always warm, engaging, and professional with families. Her reports are clear and comprehensive. I refer clients to her without hesitation.

-Sarah Bench, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice

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